Anniversary of a catastrophe…

Hi Ron, I can really relate to your experience of uncommunicative hospital staff; with all the frustration and fear this can provoke. In 2010 I had major breast surgery and collapsed before being anaesthetised; no blood pressure and pulse 14 and dropping. I was given Atropine and IV fluids which revived me. I had no memory of this and when I was in recovery was told I’d “been a bit poorly”!!! The full truth came out after instigation by a cardiologist. If that hadn’t happened myself nor my GP would have ever known it had occurred!! This was particularly upsetting to me, as like you, I have always insisted they be frank with me as I’m a registered nurse and would understand what they are saying. Betrayal is the word that springs to mind. I have enjoyed your blogs for a long time but have never been able to access the site before now. Hope you are ok presently.

Ron's Rants...

In two days time it will be the first anniversary of my admission to hospital, arguably just a few steps ahead of my death from starvation.

I think it’s fair to say that while I am vastly improved now, I am by no means fully recovered, and I probably never will be. This situation has not been helped by my being kept in the dark by the very  people whose job it is to keep me informed upon all matter relating to my health – my doctors. As a result, these pages have often been filled with speculation, on my part, as to what the hell was wrong with me, what is still wrong, and why I almost died? And why, in the absence of detailed information and support, I could have done so at any point since then. Finally, I have an answer.

I have

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Coping with losing a close member of the family

I am riding the roller coaster of life. My dear 88yr old Mum is dying by inches. Although she is very poorly she still manages to mouth “I love you” which brings such a surge of love and grief that threatens to overwhelm one, like a mighty tidal wave in a Tsunami. I also feel grief for my Dad as he watches ” the light of his life”slowly fading away. This marriage of 68 yrs coming to an end. Meanwhile life goes on around one. The laundry, shopping and cooking have to continue and act as distractions from the reality , that the life is ebbing away, from the person who gave me life.